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EveBit attended Magentocom (China) 2016 Conference


Magentocom 2016(Magento 2016年中国上海峰会)于2016年11月17日在上海梦之龙万丽酒店成功举行,公司总经理王可及技术总监程伟参加了此次Magento社区的盛会。



此外,这个峰会由Magento 的缔造者Magento Inc.全力支持。Magento是全球最受欢迎的电子商务平台,为世界各地不同规模的商户所喜爱。其美国团队成员在峰会上为Magento电子商务平台的现状和上升空间做概述。.




Mark Lenhard / SVP的策略&增长 – Magento Commerce


David Geisinger / 副总裁,产品&合作伙伴营销 – Magento Commerce


从品牌和客户角度解读全渠道 – 你需要进行哪些改变
Darren Fifield / 亚太区零售市场总监 – Radial eCommerce

Joseph Leveque / 数字策略顾问 – 31ten

Hugo Aguado / 首席执行官 – Ecritel China


Ofri Cohen / 总裁,大中华区 – Emarsy


The Future of Commerce is Contextual
Audrey Ottevanger / 亚太地区市场扩张 – Braintree

Breakout Session 5 – 天猫导航
Will Zhao / 商务经理 – Metcash Asia Limited


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Founded in 2008, EveBit Digital, a CMMI3 Certified Company, has grown to become one of China’s foremost eCommerce & Portal companies providing solution and development services.

As professionals, we specialize in delivering sophisticated Websites custom-designed to meet each client’s unique requirements using PHP, Magento, Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, WeChat and Android / iOS for Internet Applications.

Under the guidance of our Certified Zend and Magento Engineers, we employ the very best web technologies available for Brand eCommerce, Cross-border eCommerce, O2O Platform, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Mobile Internet solutions.

CMS Experts

Our team provides full levels of CMS solutions from personal blog, small firm to portal and eCommerce. We are the few company in China, who delivered commerical projects for all the major PHP based CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, TYPO3 and Drupal.

Web to Mobile solutions

Starting from PHP, covering web and mobile; we offer a complete suite of tools and services to cross-platform browsing experiences on CMS and eCommerce, we have helped clients deployed them not only on web, but also as android and iOS applications.

Magento Professionals

On the powerful eCommerce platform Magento, we offer an end-to-end service from stunning design to seamless integration with ERP and payment gateway. Five of developers passed the Magento Certified Developer, more than any company in China.

Zend Certified

We have a large team worked with Zend Framework in a number of different contexts, such as bespoke applications on enterprise-level projects for organisations and governments; some of our engineers passed the Zend Certified Engineer.

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